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To all NWOYSL Member Clubs:

Welcome! Ohio South is excited to have NWOYSL and its member clubs & teams participate in Ohio South. We hope you are just as excited as we are!

Some of you may be aware that Ohio South recently switched registration and carding platforms to Demosphere. Just like Ohio North we were with Stack for a time until, after extensive research, we decided it was no longer in the best interest of our membership to remain on the platform. We have detailed our reasons here and here, and encourage you to take a moment to read them.

We believe that Demosphere provides a better all-around solution for the needs of our membership. We hope that you will come to see this too. We are in the process of set up for the members of NWOYSL - more information on that soon. You can find previously recorded demos here (bottom left) if you'd like to have a look.

There are a few important things you need to know about Demosphere:

1. They view this as a relationship - not just a business contract.

2. Demosphere is much easier to use than Stack, both in terms of navigation and when setting up tryout/season events.

3. In order to receive player and coach cards, all players and coaches must register in your club's Demosphere system, then sync your season event up to NWOYSL and Ohio South. To receive access to your system, you will have to sign a TOS agreement with Demosphere.

4. This means that your club is required to use the system to card by collecting live registrations (no imports), but you are not required by Ohio South to process payments in it. However, we strongly encourage you to consider consolidating your resources and manpower by coming onboard fully (i.e. process payments) with Demosphere. There are many other advantages to this, some of which you can find detailed here.

5. Each club will have an assigned account executive to assist with onboarding and support questions.

6. There are plenty of resources already available to you in terms of support, both online and via direct contact.

7. Should you choose to move to Demosphere fully, the negotiated rate for Ohio South member leagues and clubs is 3.2% + $1/transaction. Demosphere has expressed a willingness to work with you to trim that down, and it is up to each league/club to do so on their own terms.

Risk Requirements

Most of you will be familiar with this, as Ohio North and Ohio South follow similar requirements. Please visit the SafeSoccer section of our website for more.

For parents/players:

  • Sign Lindsay's Law and Ohio Concussion Law (Return to Play). Both of these will be presented at registration when you have enabled our forms in your registration event. This is done annually.

For coaches:

  • Complete SafeSport training, either Intro course if first time or Refresher course if Intro already completed. This is done annually.
  • Complete Concussion Training through either the CDC or NFHS. This is valid for three years.
  • Complete an Ohio South background check. This is valid for two years.
  • Complete the necessary requirements for Lindsay's Law and Return to Play.

For board members/administration/managers:

  • Complete SafeSport training (see coaches).
  • Complete an Ohio South background check.

There will be bumps in the road along the way. I hope that you will have patience with me as we try to navigate this upcoming season, and I promise to do the same with you. Our goal is not to make your lives harder. Our goal is to get kids playing in a safe environment, and we're pretty positive that you agree with that too.

Kim will still be your main point of contact, however for additiona help you may reach out to Joe at I encourage you to add to your safe sender list, as most communication will come via that email. I invite you to join our Facebook League and Club Admin Group for updates as well.

Welcome to Ohio South!