Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League

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It is with great respect, pride and appreciation that I am able to share with you that our club founder, leader, heart and mentor - Lee Aliakbar - has been nominated and elected to the Ohio North Youth Soccer Association Hall of Fame class of 2019!

I could not be more ecstatic that Coach Lee has been recognized and regarded for the tireless work, unique vision and genuine impact he has had not only on the Toledo area, but also the Northwest Ohio, State of Ohio and Midwest Region soccer communities. I have had a passenger seat view of the importance and work that Coach Lee has done to make our soccer community not only grow, but develop into what it is today. I have been lucky enough to be coached as a player, mentored as a protege and viewed as a son by Coach Lee - and I am just a small example of the living proof of his profound impact on so many in the soccer community.

The magnitude of this award cannot be undersold - this is an extremely prestigious, selective and important recognition that encompasses a lifetime of dedication, purpose, passion and impact. Not only does it show Coach Lee's extensive accomplishments and direction on the field of play, but also, it is a great recognition of the countless lives he has been able to positively impact throughout his career. It is a great testament to the importance and respect that Coach Lee has instilled within the Toledo Celtics Soccer Club, and I personally know that this is a moment that in a very unique way, creates a resounding reminder and recognition of all the sacrifice and soul that he has given to make Toledo Celtics what it is today.

As coach Lee said when he found out about his nomination and selection, "I am so humbled to know that those in the Ohio North organization have noticed the impact our organization has had on the soccer community. It is an incredible honor to be recognized as an influence within the game of soccer in Ohio North, and this recognition is something that I or our club could not have received without the incredible support of our players, parents, and families. We are so very grateful for all we have been able to build together over the past 32 years, and I cannot say enough how much your support of Toledo Celtics means not only to myself, but to also my family and our club."

Again, if you have some time, please help me to congratulate Coach Lee by reaching out to him to show our pride and gratitude for all he has done for the Toledo Celtics and the soccer community as a whole. I'd love for as many people as possible to send him a message(email:, text or phone call(419-283-8787) or even stop by the field or our office to congratulate the Toledo Celtics leader and heartbeat for the last 32 years.